Oral Health Week March 2020

Dental and oral hygiene is an area of great importance in Britain today. However, it is proven that dental pain caused by tooth decay is detrimental to school performance and that time off due to treatment and extractions is a major contributor to low school attendance figures!

Why not incorporate dental wellness into British Science Week (6 – 15th March) and encourage children to take good care of their 20 teeth in 2020?

In class:

  • Discuss the importance of tooth brushing twice a day
  • Learn about a healthy diet for the teeth and body
  • Talk about visiting the dentist and where to find one if necessary
  • Learn about the function of the different teeth

To enrol your school in the LiveSmart Programme email: charity@dentalwellnesstrust.org or visit the Dental Wellness Trust website

Suggested Activities

Activity 1 – Can you make a healthy snack with your class?

Each child will need:

  • A selection of fruit including strawberries, apple, grapes (cut lengthways), blueberries, banana or those you will be using for snack or pudding
  • A chopping board and blunt knife

What to do:

  • Talk about the importance of a healthy diet and good food choices. Allow the child to chop the fruit and  arrange them in their favourite shapes.

Activity 2 – Can yo make some toothpaste with your class?

Each child will need:

  • A teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
  • One drop of essential peppermint oil
  • A teaspoon of coconut oil

What to do:

  • Mix the ingredients together to make a smooth paste. Small mirrors and toothbrushes would be useful to demonstrate brushing all surfaces, use a pea sized amount!

Activity 3 – Sugar in Drinks Experiment

What to do: Place a hard boiled egg into 3 clear cups or beakers. Cover one with water, one with orange juice and one with full sugar coca cola. Observe the damage to the eggshell (calcium) over the week.

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