Nursery World Awards 2019 – We’re an Award Finalist!

Early Start Education Ltd are pleased to announce that they are a finalist  of  the 2019 Nursery World Awards!  We have been shortlisted  for a Health and Wellbeing Award due to our work on the Supervised Tooth brushing Programme.  The programme aims to support children and families to integrate tooth brushing into their daily routines, and improve their health.

The Supervised Tooth-brushing Programme (STBP) is owned and has been developed by the Dental Wellness Trust (DWT). It was introduced to Early Start Education as a partnership with the Early Start Nutrition service and the Dental Wellness Trust.

The Dental Wellness Trust are a London based charity promoting dental wellness through; innovative oral health education programmes as

  • 75% of the world’s children have no access to a toothbrush
  • 80% of children in South Africa suffer from tooth decay
  • The most common cause of school absenteeism is tooth ache
  • Please visit their website for more information (

The STBP programme aims to support children and families to integrate tooth brushing into their daily routines, and improve health.  As part of our setting’s daily routine (Shrewsbury and Susan Lawrence Nurseries), all children in the Toddler and Pre School rooms are taking part in the supervised tooth brushing programme. Twice a day, after breakfast and afternoon snack the staff and children take part in the teeth cleaning activity.  The activity ensures brushing is fun and exciting for the children, with everyone cleaning their teeth!  Staff talk to the children about the importance of cleaning our teeth, having a healthy diet and hand hygiene. A fun teeth cleaning song is played which also helps the children associate brushing their teeth as a fun activity.

Staff attended a workshop, delivered by the Dental Wellness Trust, on the effective and appropriate tooth brushing techniques and how to implement. The Dental Wellness Trust  also provided all of the toothbrushes and toothpaste for the programme!!

 Families at our settings are reporting an awareness of:

  • The recommendations for brushing teeth twice a day
  • How to effectively brush and supervise the brushing of their child’s teeth
  • The recommendation to use fluoride toothpaste when brushing children’s teeth
  • How often and for how long to brush teeth
  • The recommendation to register children with their dentist by the age of one (or as soon as the first tooth comes through)

Long term the programme expects to see a reduction in the number of children needing days off sick from school due to toothache, and  those requiring invasive treatment like root canals and extractions due to decay

 Families at our settings have said:

Family 1: X loves brushing his teeth, no problem, advice; do it with his father, its better.  X mum

Family 2: X never forgets to brush their teeth, which is a very good habit. X dad

Family 3: It gets her into the habit having the toothbrush at nursery. X dad

Family 4: X has been speaking more about brushing his teeth at home and is more eager to brush his teeth even thought usually he isn’t too keen on brushing. X mum

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