Partnership with Parents

Partnership with Parents

We feel it is essential to work together with parents to identify the development stages of each child and to share as much information as possible to ensure the appropriate steps are taken to further their learning. We hold regular parent consultations and recognise the importance of daily contact between parents and practitioners. We ensure that there is always opportunity for a thorough and informative handover.

We always aim to working in partnership and act in children’s best interests, planning for the individual needs of our children to move them on through the curriculum in line with their ability and to support their personal, social and emotional development.

Nursery child doing foot paintaing and nursery child doing role play ironing

What our parents say

I would like to thank you all for your wonderful work with Hawwaa. She’s been here since baby room now she’s going to be in pre school. I can’t believe how much she’s developed with all your help. The last year has been very hard and difficult but you all made it work! Thank you all and can’t wait to see you all in September again!

Hawwaa's Mum

I am really happy with this nursery as my daughter has developed new skills.  They are so very professional and they have been very protective with my daughter

Juliana’s Mum and Dad

I am very impressed with the whole set up, really nice.  Very well organised and we really have a good time.  Many thanks for looking after Ismael and the rest.

Ishmael's Dad

The teachers have been so helpful with Dylan in so many different ways.  E.g he is now able to count from 1 to 10 by himself.  He is able to go to sleep without my help while at home.  He is able to pronounce more words than before. Above all he likes to interact more and loves coming to nursery.  A big thank you to every single teacher that has helped on this journey

Dylans Mum

Hanishka really enjoyed being at nursery.  The staff are always helpful and understanding.  She has learnt so many rhymes and made some friends.  She has made a lot of progress from day one at the nursery.  I am very grateful to the staff and thanks for all they’ve done.

Hanishka’s Mum