Our priority is to safeguard and support your children to thrive

Our dedicated practitioners will tune into the individual learning needs and interests of your child, ensuring that they are fully supported to reach their full potential.

We follow the EYFS framework to plan and assess the children's learning.

Each child has an individual educational profile, created by their key person, which can be accessed by parents online.

Activities and experiences are then facilitated that will promote the next steps in their learning and observations and assessments are carried out by staff.This helps staff to track each child's progress and ensure that all areas of development are being fully supported.

We use an online resource called Tapestry to track your child's progress. Staff can securely upload pictures and information which you can review and comment on online.


Pre-school children take part in key group times, which provide experiences for them to work in small groups, collaborate, practice attentive listening and following instructions, while still being able to exercise skills such as being creative, have a go, work things out and being capable and confident learners.

Building the confidence and communication skills that children need to speak up for themselves and to grasp the opportunities that await them.

We believe in creative and imaginative play and we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual child, incorporating into our teaching values of Innovation and results, Social Commitment and responsibility, Honesty, care and integrity.