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Cooking With Children

Why cook with children? Cooking with your children is a great way to give them the skills and confidence to cook later in life. Time spent cooking is an enjoyable, engaging and creative activity and research shows it is an effective way of encouraging all children to try and eat a wider range of foods.…

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Early Start Making the News!

Oral health is part of general health and wellbeing and contributes to the development of a healthy child and school readiness. There are lots of ways we can support children to have the best start in life and looking after their teeth is one way. Tooth decay is largely preventable, yet it remains a serious…

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Which Milk Should I Offer My Toddler?

It is important to ensure your child gets enough fluid across the day and this can be achieved by offering six to eight drinks (each 100 to 150ml). You may find they need more fluids in warm weather or when exercising. The best drinks for children are milk and water. Water should be offered across…

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A Day in the Life of a Registered Nutritionist

An Introduction to the Wellbeing and Nutrition Team Edwina Revel, RNutr and Georgia Leech, ANutr are Registered Nutritionists with the Association for Nutrition (AfN).  Qualified and competent in nutritional science and practicing at a professional level. We are passionate about our profession and the importance of seeking evidence based nutrition advice from a registered professional.…

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Make Time for Breakfast

Make time for Breakfast Edwina Revel, RNutr, Programme Manager Early Start Wellbeing and Nutrition Team As a team we appreciate the importance of making time for breakfast and will often catch up over a bowl of porridge Did you know that breakfast means ‘Breaking the Fast’? It is a great way to refuel your body…

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Physical Activity Blog

My role as a nutritionist involves lots of discussions around a healthy diet and food choices. I ensure to always include information on both diet and physical activity as a combination is important in achieving a healthy weight. To achieve an energy balance and maintain a stable weight the energy we put into our bodies…

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Why Prioritise Nutrition in your Early Years Setting?

Here at Early Start Nutrition our role is to advocate good nutrition for children under 5 and their families. We do this by supporting early years settings to provide healthy balanced meals for children, create positive eating environments, provide opportunities to learn about food and promote key nutrition messages to families. However, we understand that…

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Encouraging Families to Learn About Food at Home

Written by: Jamie Douglas As an early years setting you have lots of opportunities for children to learn about and explore different foods. You can support  children’s specific learning areas in line with  the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework . For example, their ‘Understanding of the world’, through  activities such as growing strawberries, teaching…

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Frequently Asked Questions – Signalong

Q. What is the difference between Signalong and Makaton? A. Signalong and Makaton are both multi modal signing programmes, combining signs from BSL, speech and symbols and are designed to support those who have language and communication difficulties. The main difference is the method the programmes are taught: Signalong training, attendees are taught to analyse…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Baby Massage Class

I have been working as a baby massage instructor for over 14 years now and it has been one of the most rewarding aspect of my career.   Within classes I teach techniques to help alleviate infant health problems, such as colic, wind, constipation and teething.  It’s lovely when parents form friendships and support each other…

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