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Dietary Requirements and Allergy Management in your Early Years Setting

Dietary Requirements and Allergy Management in your Early Years Setting In this blog we’ll be exploring some of the key considerations around allergy management in your early years setting, along with how to meet children’s dietary requirements, as outlined in the Eat Better Start Better Guidelines. Some children in your childcare setting may be required…

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Portion Size Guide for Adults and Children

It’s important for us to eat a variety of foods from the four main food groups to ensure we get all the nutrients we need. However, it can be tricky to know how much is enough. That’s why we’ve created this blog, to help outline rough portion size guidance and to think about how to…

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Child dressing themselves

Teaching Your Child to Dress Themselves

Teaching your child to get dress themselves is an important life skill and can be hard to learn.  Children learning to dress themselves builds confidence, giving them a sense of achievement and gratification they have accomplished something.  It also encourages independence, meaning helping them to get dressed is one less thing for you to do!…

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Choosing a Cup for your Baby

Introducing your baby to a cup is an important step as it requires them to sip. This helps them to develop the muscles in and around their face and mouth which are helpful for biting, chewing and talking. This blog will support you in choosing the right cup for your baby.  Current guidelines recommend that…

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Baby Foods – homemade or shop-bought?

If you’ve ever taken a stroll down the baby food isle in a supermarket, you’ll have seen the huge variety of foods and products on offer. It can seem like a minefield! Parents often ask us which is better, homemade or shop-bought baby foods? In this blog we’ll be exploring how you can make simple…

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Fun Child-Friendly Recipes and Cooking Activities

In this blog we bring together all our favourite fun child-friendly recipes and cooking activities and put them in free handy activity cards. Each one contains a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create each recipe, along with useful learning links, so you can make cooking fun and educational. Most of our recipes use basic…

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Teaching Children to Cook

It’s important that we’re teaching children to cook, as it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to learn new skills and explore a range of foods from an early age. We know that developing healthy eating habits and an interest in food, early on, can help promote lifelong positive attitudes and enjoyment of good food and…

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Ramadan Activities for Children

We are now in the month of Ramadan where Muslims across the globe will be going without food and water as a way of reminding ourselves to be grateful for our blessings, this is also a time for more prayers, introspection, charity and service. To get in the spirit of Ramadan and Eid- ul- Fitr…

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Looking after baby and toddler teeth

The Early Start Nutrition team met dentist Dr Saul and asked him for information top tips around looking after baby and toddler teeth. Good oral health has lots of  benefits for children from helping them to bite and chew to speech and language development. Children’s first teeth, often known as milk teeth, usually appear around…

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Ramadan Card

How to Make a Ramadan Card

Send your warmest greetings with a Ramadan card that is created by your little ones, to family and friends this Ramadan. We love this design,  it is easy to make and simple to do.  Here’s how: To make this Ramadan card you will need: 1 sheet of purple card and 1 sheet of gold glitter card…

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