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Which Milk Should I Offer My Toddler?

It is important to ensure your toddler gets enough fluid across the day and this can be achieved by offering them six to eight drinks (each 100 to 150ml). You may find your little one needs more fluids in warm weather or when exercising. The best drinks for your toddler are milk and water. Water…

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Giving Up the Dummy

Giving up the dummy can be a hot topic of conversation and there are lots of opinions as to whether to use a dummy or not.  Here are some general points on dummy use in order for you as a parent to make your own decision. Should I give up the dummy? Many parents choose…

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Easter Inspired Activities

Easter is a great time for crafts and being creative! There are a lot of fun activities and games to play too! Here are some of our favourite Easter inspired activities! Decorate eggs Once you have boiled your eggs, all you need is a variety of paint colours, fine paint brushes and let your child’s…

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Snack Time in Your Early Years Setting

A common question we’re asked here at Early Start Nutrition, is around what foods to serve children at snack time. In this blog we’ll be exploring how to plan healthy snacks for little ones and which foods to include.  As part of a healthy meal routine, toddlers should be offered 2-3 healthy snacks across the…

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Salt Recommendations for Children and Adults

In this blog we’re taking a look at the salt recommendations for children and adults! Do we need salt? Our bodies need a very small amount of salt as it helps us to regulate the fluid in our body. However, the amount we eat currently eat is more than we actually need. This means that…

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Easter Recipe Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, and one of the best ways to enjoy family time is to plan a meal together or, if the weather’s nice, pack a picnic! Easter is a time of celebration and is often marked by giving and receiving gifts, including Easter Eggs and other chocolate treats. It can be…

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Helping your Children to Love Reading

Reading with young children provides a great opportunity for talking and listening and showing an interest in the written word.  Here are some fun ways to help your little one develop a love for reading. Develop a Special Bond Sitting together on the sofa or under the sheets, in your own private den promotes lots…

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Family Meal Recipes

In this blog we’re bringing together some of our favourite main meal recipes that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Eating as a family is a great way of spending quality time together. While it may not be possible to do so at all mealtimes, try to plan some time in the week to…

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Difficulties with Remote Learning

Home Learning in Lockdown

With half term coming to an end, the thought of going back to home learning during lockdown will be playing on many parents mind.  There is no shortage of advice out there at the moment, however it is good to have a reminder about some of the things we can be doing to make home…

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Child comforting parent

Grief and Bereavement with Children

Everyone experiences bereavement, grief and loss differently. It is the feeling when we lose something (including pets) or someone important to us. There is no right or wrong way to feel.  There are other types of loss such as losing home, end of relationship (separation/divorce) or losing a job. Due to the corona virus pandemic…

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