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Fun Child-Friendly Recipes and Cooking Activities

In this blog we bring together all our favourite fun child-friendly recipes and cooking activities and put them in free handy activity cards. Each one contains a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create each recipe, along with useful learning links, so you can make cooking fun and educational. Most of our recipes use basic…

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Planning Vegetarian Meals for Children

Vegetarian meals and snacks are suitable for all children as long as they are planned to include a wide range of foods to meet their nutritional needs. Vegetarian meals have become popular choices for many families and their children. Some of the main reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet is due to dietary preferences, as…

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Looking after Baby and Toddler Teeth

Looking after Baby and Toddler Teeth It’s so important to look after baby and toddler teeth as they play a number of important roles. For example, they keep a space for the adult teeth, support biting, chewing and speech, along with helping children to feel confident when they smile. To help keep your little ones…

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Protected: Nutrition Education and Healthy Eating – embedding this in your holiday programme

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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What can you do to increase the uptake of the Healthy Start scheme?

What is Healthy Start? Healthy Start is the UK’s food welfare scheme for pregnant women and young children in low-income families. The scheme is there to help families who are most in need of this support. Families will get help to buy healthy food and drink including fresh, frozen and tinned fruit and vegetables, fresh,…

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How to Have a Healthy Ramadan

Ramadan marks a period of fasting and religious focus for millions of Muslims across the globe. This blog will review some of our top tips for planning meals for a healthy Ramadan. This year, Ramadan started on Saturday 2nd April 2022, following the sighting of the moon over Mecca. Lasting for 30 days, Ramadan ends…

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Promoting Activity in Early Years Settings

Activity in Early Years Settings Daily activity is important for children in early years settings as it supports healthy growth and development. Physical activity needs to be incorporated from very early on, so that it becomes part of children’s normal everyday routine. Trends show that if this happens, children are more likely to be physically…

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Easter Recipe Ideas

Easter is a nice time of the year to enjoy family time by planning a meal together or, if the weather’s nice, pack a picnic! Easter is a time of celebration and is often marked by giving and receiving gifts, including Easter Eggs and other chocolate treats. It can be an exciting time for children,…

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Preparing Food Safely to Reduce the Risk of Choking

Preparing Food Safely to Reduce the Risk of Choking As a parent, it’s normal to worry about how your little one will manage eating and you may be nervous about gagging and choking. We want to support you to feel more confident about safety at mealtimes, so in this blog we explore simple steps that…

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Easy pancake recipe image

Delightfully Delicious Pancake Recipes

We love pancakes all year round, so thought we’d create a blog to share our favourite pancake recipes. They’re quick to whip up, delightfully delicious and it’s super easy to vary your toppings! Making pancakes can also be a fun activity for the whole family, so try to encourage your little ones to help out…

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