Knowledge Development Plan Guidance Continued

What do I need to write in my KDP?

1) Two Learning outcomes

  • Can these learning outcomes be taken back to and applied in your setting?
  • Can this information be used to make positive changes to your  working practice?

2) Actions to carry forward from today

  • What immediate things will you look to put in place from today?
  • How will you coordinate this across your setting to ensure everyone is doing the same thing?
  • What guidelines/ frameworks will you need to consider?
  • What resources are available to support you?

3) Long term actions over the next 6-12 months

  • What are you long terms actions?
  • How will you ensure you keep on track?
  • Will you make time to reflect back on the training and revisit the slides to refresh your knowledge?
  • How will you ensure a whole setting approach?

KDP Sign Off

  • Once you submit your KDP the Early Start Nutrition team will review your KDP submission within 48 hours
  • You will be sent an email confirming your KDP has been accepted and you’ll then be able to download your certificate from your Profile.

What if my KDP is not signed off?

  • Occasionally we require delegates to add more detail or correct errors in their KDP’s
  • This is to ensure you’re KDP reflects the evidence based information covered in this training
  • Don’t worry though as you’ll have an opportunity to edit your KDP with any additional information or updates required.
  • In case this happens, we recommend that you save a copy of your KDP for your records.

How do I update my KDP if I receive feedback from the Nutrition Team?

Step 1: If we require you to update your KDP we will send you an email containing a few helpful feedback points. Simply click on the link in the email (tip- make sure you are logged into your Early Start Account before doing this!). 

Step 2: Copy and paste your original KDP information in to the ‘KDP Update’ box.

Step 3: Make any changes to your KDP based on the feedback you received. Once complete, click ‘Submit’.