Knowledge Development Plan

Knowledge Development Plan (KDP) Checklist

  • Once you pass the assessment you’ll be asked to complete a Knowledge Development Plan (KDP)
  • The KDP will support you in putting your learning outcomes into practice over the next 12 months and beyond
  • The KDP should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete
  • You may wish to liaise with your colleagues and/or your manager (if applicable)
  • We recommended submitting the KDP within two weeks of completing this training to ensure the information is still fresh in your mind!
  • Please contact the Early Start Nutrition Team if you need any help completing your KDP
  • In 12 months time we will contact you to complete your Yearly Competency Review which will ask you to reflect back on your KDP and see if you achieved what you’d set out to do.

Why complete a KDP?

Completing a KDP will support you to:

  • Reflect on your key learning points from the training
  • Consider how you can adapt and develop your practice to have maximum impact
  • Identify the outcomes you want to achieve for children in-line with EYFS, Ofsted and the Eat Better Start Better Guidelines
  • Identify and respond to the development, health and well-being needs of children and families
  • Contribute to your settings Training Log used as part of your Ofsted reviews.

Access to my online KDP guide:

Step 1: After you complete the assessment, you’ll move on to complete the KDP. You’ll see the page below and simply need to click on the box ‘Knowledge Development Plan Food and Nutrition for Toddlers’.


Step 2: Click ‘Start Quiz’

Step 3: Consider the KDP questions and type up your response to the three questions into the blank box. Once complete, click ‘Finish Quiz’

Tip: Don’t forget to save your own copy of your KDP e.g. copy, paste and save the text in a word document for your own records

Please note: you will see the message below appear once you submit your KDP- it will say you have scored 0 out of 1.

You do not need to ‘Restart Quiz’. A member of the nutrition team will review your KDP and update this section for you once your KDP is signed off.