Snacks in a winter wonderland

We’re always looking for ways to create snacks that are not only nutritionally balanced for little ones but fun for them to make! That’s why in this month’s blog we’re sharing snack ideas inspired by our favourite time of the year, Christmas! We’ve also created recipes based on Disney’s Frozen (our new favourite film!). Did you know that children who get involved in preparing meals and snacks are more likely to try their creation?!

Children’s food and drink choices are often influenced by their favourite TV and movie characters, especially when they are used to advertise food and drink products! Lots of children are exposed to adverts on TV, tablets and mobile phones at lots of times across the day. A report from Cancer Research UK highlighted that increased exposure to adverts on TV is linked to increased consumption of junk foods. Each additional hour of commercial TV that children watch is associated with an increased likelihood of eating sweets and crisps by 16% and having sugary drinks by 23%. We want to show you that you can recreate a lot of children’s favourite characters at home and still provide them with important nutrition to help them grow, learn and play.

Christmas Cheese and Crackers

This is a perfect snack for your little ones. We used plain crackers but you could also use oatcakes or rice cakes. Cracker are great source of fibre and energy- perfect for snack times! We topped ours with star cheese, which we cute from cheese slices using cookie cutters. The cheese will provide protein, calcium and Vitamin A. All in all a very nutritious snack!!

What will you need for this recipe:

Plain crackers

Cheese slices

Cookie cutters.


Apple Christmas Wreath

We love this colourful apple Christmas wreath. Using red and green apples, or orange segments, you can easily create this showstopper. It is best if you cut the apples into segments and pass each piece to your little one so they are arrange them in a circle (get them to count the pieces as they go).

We made a bow for the wreath using tinned pineapples (in natural juice) and decorated it with some pomegranate (you could also use raspberries or blueberries). This recipe is packed full of vitamins including Vitamin A and C and fibre!

What will you need for this recipe:

Re and green apples or orange segments


Pomegranate or berries

Avo Christmas Tree

Who doesn’t love decorating a Christmas tree?! This snack is perfect for any Christmas celebration and includes three food groups, carbohydrates, fruit/veg and dairy!

We simply used tortilla wraps, cut in quarters for the base, mashed avocado on the base and decorated with chopped cherry tomatoes. Remember to chop the tomatoes length ways to reduce the risk of choking! You could add other decorations to your tree too, such as mushrooms or peppers, to add more colour. We used cheese stars to add a sparkling touch to the top of our tree.

What will you need for this recipe:

Tortilla wraps or pitta bread


Cherry tomatoes

Sliced cheese

Do you want to build a snowman?

While we can’t guarantee snow for Christmas, we can help you to build a snowman! Not just any old snowman, our favourite snowman- Olaf!

To make Olaf we used rice cakes, but it was quite fiddly, so recommend you use tortilla wraps or slices of bread. Cute the shapes of Olaf’s body from the wrap/ bread and spread with cream cheese. Add his buttons, eyes and mouth using blueberries and a slice of carrot for his nose!

We used slice tortilla wrap to make Olaf’s arms and spread over peanut butter for extra flavour and nutrition.

If Olaf looks too difficult to make then try creating our banana snowmen.

What will you need for this recipe:


For the head, body, arms and feet we used rice cakes but we recommend using tortilla wraps or slices bread instead as it’s easier to shape

Blueberries for the eyes, mouth and buttons

Small slice of carrot for Olaf’s nose

Banana Snowmen

Sliced banana for the body

Sliced apple for the hat

Halved grapes for the hat top

Sliced carrot for the arms and nose

Blueberries for the buttons and eyes


Sven Cheese

Sven (the funny looking donkey, in Olaf’s words) is one of our favourite characters from Disney’s Frozen!

That’s why we’ve created these adorable cheesy reindeer! This is probably the easiest one of our Christmas recipes. Simple use cheese triangles and decorate with low salt pretzels for the antlers and chopped blueberries for the eyes. Use pomegranate, raspberry or cranberry for the red nose.

The cheesy reindeer are great to serve alongside our tortilla snowflakes!

What will you need for this recipe:

Cheese triangles


Berries and lots of imagination!!

Tortilla Snowflakes

Making snowflakes during arts and crafts is always popular around Christmas time. We’ve taken it a step further and created snowflakes from tortilla wraps. This is a great way of adding a little Christmas flare to snack time and little ones will love creating their own.

Simple take a white tortilla wrap and fold it 3 times (like you would a piece of paper). Support children to carefully cute shapes out of the tortilla wraps (using child friendly scissors or knives).

Unfold the wrap to take a like at your snowy creation!

What will you need for this recipe:

White Tortilla Wraps

Child-friendly scissors or knives

All of the snacks that we’ve prepared in this blog are suitable to serve both at home and in early years settings, as they meet the Eat Better Start Better guidelines.

Children are bound to have sweet treats over the Christmas period, which is of course fine, but hopefully we’ve given you ideas and inspiration to ensure they continue to get important nutrients into their diet too.

Merry Christmas from Early Start Nutrition!

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