Autumn Leaves Play Activity

Autumn leaves can be used to enhance positive learning with the various age groups. While doing this activity, children will explore through play as well as observe change in nature. This activity will also give parents the opportunity to introduce new words to younger children making them aware of the four different seasons. While using their hands to do this activity it will further develop good fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, as well as enjoying outside play.

Autumn Leaves Play Activity

For this activity you will need:

  • 2 or 3 different shape leaves
  • 1 Large sheet of paper
  • Child friendly paint / 1 tray for paint

Wash and dry leaves, place one leaf at a time into the paint, then onto the large sheet of paper, use your hands to press leaf onto the paper to form a pattern, continue until the large sheet of paper is covered then leave to dry.

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