Covid-19 Terms and Condtions of Service

Update For centre based supervised contact

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to children, families and our staff team whilst we transition back to centre based contact, we have made changes to the contact centre and operations in line with the governments recommendations to provide a safe and secure environment.

Changes are:

  • No community contacts until further notice
  • All face to face contacts re-starting will be for 1 hour, as we need to accommodate time to clean rooms in between contact sessions
  • Toys and soft furnishings have been removed from contact rooms to decrease risk of cross contamination
  • Parents/Relatives may bring own toys, however please be mindful that you will have to take toys home with you as we do not have space for storage
  • All staff and customers attending the Family Contact Centre will be asked to wear a 3 ply mask in common areas at all times
  • We will be asking children of 10 years and over and their families to apply the physical distance rules to either:
    • maintain a 2 meter distance
    • Or 1 meter plus wearing a face covering
  • No food, drinks, snacks are not to be exchanged and must not be shared during contacts until further notice. Individuals may bring their own food, drink, a snack so families can eat together but items may not be exchanged or shared.
  • We will not provide any plates/cutlery/ cups so please ensure you bring / take away your own
  • No gifts are exchanged until further notice. The only exception might be an occasion such as your child’s birthday and only when the specified gift has been approved by the allocated social worker in advance of the contact.
  • All customers will be asked to have a rapid COVID test on a weekly basis.

Expectation Before/upon arrival to the contact centre

Before Arrival to the centre:

If you have any signs or symptoms of COVID 19 or have been in contact with someone who is displaying symptoms or has been tested positive for COVID -19, YOU MUST NOT ATTEND THE CENTRE. You must call the centre immediately to inform of the above. We will expect you to self-isolate, book and take a COVID-19 test and inform us of the results. If face to face contact cannot take place directly in the centre because anyone in the network is isolating we will offer supervised video call instead to maintain contact between you and your child/ren.

Arrival to the centre:

  1. Before pressing the buzzer and entering you must sanitise your hands. We have placed hand sanitiser units by entrance
  2. Press the buzzer and wait for us to respond, if there is a queue of people, please ensure a two-meter distance at all time.
  3. YOU SHOULD NOT ENTER THE BUILDING PRIOR TO SPEAKING TO RECEPTION via the intercom or hold the door open for anyone.
  4. You will be asked to show staff a negative COVID test prior to entering the building.
  5. Whilst walking through the building you will be asked to wear a 3 ply mask and always ensure that you maintain the 2 meter distancing rule at all times from anyone who is not in your household
  6. Once you have reported in at reception, where you will be signed in by the staff on duty, you will be directed to your allocated contact room.
  7. When in the contact room, you must at all times maintain the 2 m distance from the supervisors; there are markings on the floor to show 2m distances
  8. Foster carers will not be allowed to remain on site for the duration of contact
  9. Supervisors will not be able to have direct contact with children or assist with carrying anything until further notice
  10. We will intervene if required to safeguarding the children
  11. Staff may wear PPE such as protective visors
  12. If anyone presents with potential symptoms of COVID-19 during a contact, we will terminate the session, ask the person with symptoms to get tested as above and the network to isolate until the results are known to be clear. As above we can arrange for video calls until we all known that it is safe to re-start face to face contacts

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding