Expert Advice from our Favourite Professionals

We’ve been lucky enough over the years to work with a fantastic range of professionals. We’ve learnt so much from them and the work they do and wanted to bring you some of their expert advice and top tips.

Rosie Lisser, Senior Parenting Practitioner, Early Start Parenting Team

Wellbeing and Nutrition Team- Parenting Quote

Catherine Lippe, BSc (hons), RNutr Registered Nutritionist

Wellbeing and Nutrition Team- Catherine Lippe Quote

You can get more top tips, expert advice, recipe ideas and more from Catherine on her website or follow her on social media @LippeNutrition

Charlotte Stirling-Reed BSc (hons), MSc, RNutr (Public Health)

Wellbeing and Nutrition Team- Charlotte Sterling- Reed Quote

For more expert advice you can visit Charlotte’s website SR Nutrition – Simple and Realistic, with no added nonsense. and on social media via her twitter page @SR_Nutrition

Active Newham the leisure trust for Newham London

Wellbeing and Nutrition Team- Active Newham Quote

For lots more information on the great range of activities available head to

Jenny Rosborough, Registered Nutritionist (PH) BaMSc., Campaign Manager (Nutrition) at Action on Sugar and Paediatric Nutrition Consultant

Wellbeing and Nutrition Team- Jenny Rosborough Quote

Jenny provides regular evidence based updates and we recommend keeping in touch via her social media presence Twitter (@hellohealthyyou_), Instagram (@hellohealthyou_) and Facebook (@hellohealthyyou)

Dietitians at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Wellbeing and Nutrition Team- Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust

The wonderful dietitians at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust provide up to date, practical advice ensure wellbeing and nutrition messages are priority. Follow them on twitter @BWC_dietitians for regular updates.

Sue Brown Senior Practitioner Learning & Development

Wellbeing and Nutrition Team- Sue Brown Parenting Quote

The Dairy Council

Wellbeing and Nutrition Team- Dairy Council Quote

The Dairy Council is a non-profit organisation, staffed by registered nutritionists and dietitians, who provide information on the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy foods as part of a healthy balanced and sustainable diet.

You can find out more about the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy for tiny tots in our booklet Tiny Tums at

Emma Towlson- Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist for the East London Foundation Trust

Wellbeing and Nutrition Team Blog- Speech and Language Quote

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