Parent Nutrition

Iron Rich Recipes - Lasagne

Top Tips to Increase your Iron Intake

Iron is an important mineral as it supports our growth and development, and it plays a vital role in producing healthy red blood cells. These are essential in transferring oxygen around the body. Iron also plays an important role in several other bodily functions including muscle function, supporting the immune system and in enzyme reactions….

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Muslim girl eating dates

How to Have a Healthy Ramadan

Ramadan marks a period of fasting and religious focus for millions of Muslims across the globe. This blog will review some of our top tips for planning meals for a healthy Ramadan. This year, Ramadan will start on Wednesday 22nd March 2023, following the sighting of the moon over Mecca. Lasting for 30 days, Ramadan…

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Weaning Textures

If you are about to start on your baby’s exciting weaning journey you may have lots of questions on what type of food to offer. There is so much information available which can often be overwhelming and sometimes contradictory. We hope to answer some of your questions relating to textures in this blog. When to…

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Preparing Food Safely to Reduce the Risk of Choking

Preparing Food Safely to Reduce the Risk of Choking As a parent, it’s normal to worry about how your little one will manage eating and you may be nervous about gagging and choking. We want to support you to feel more confident about safety at mealtimes, so in this blog we explore simple steps that…

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highchair, bowl and cup

Weaning Equipment

Let’s review some of the weaning equipment that’s useful in helping to take the stress out of weaning and get you started.  Babies can be introduced to solid foods when they are developmentally ready, around 6 months. You’ll need a few key pieces of equipment to prepare meals and a few basic items to support…

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Mother breastfeeding her baby

Breastfeeding Support

In this blog we will be focusing on breastfeeding support available for mothers and families. During the first six months, babies can receive all the energy and nutrients they require for breastmilk or their first infant formula. Weaning, or complementary feeding, starts when baby is around 6 months old, when baby should be introduced to…

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Vegan food examples

Is A Vegan Diet Suitable For Children?

While it’s unclear exactly how many children and adults follow a vegan diet in the UK, the general consensus it that this plant based diet is on the rise. In fact, the The Vegan Society (opens in new tab) reports there are currently 600,000 vegans (1.16% of the population, 2019) in Great Britain. However, the…

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Takeaway pizza

Swap your Takeaway for a Fakeaway!

Swap your Takeaway for a Fakeaway! As a nation seven percent of people in the UK eat ‘junk food’ every day. A further four in ten (40%) eat convenience food at least once a week, this is according to a YouGov poll (opens in new tab). Chinese, Indian and pizza are some of the most…

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