Parent Nutrition

Frozen vegetables in a freezer

How to reduce food waste

In this month’s blog we explore how to make the most of store cupboard ingredients and take a look at how to reduce food waste. How to reduce Food Waste – Best before dates Spring is always a great time to have a deep clean and de-clutter storage spaces. You can start by reviewing your…

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Mother breastfeeding her baby

Breastfeeding Support

In this blog we will be focusing on breasting feeding support available for families. Good nutrition and healthy eating is important for everyone. It is especially important in the early years as children have very specific energy and nutrient requirements as it is a time of rapid growth and development. During the first six months,…

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Swap your Takeaway for a Fakeaway!

Swap your Takeaway for a Fakeaway! As a nation we currently consume around 22 million fast food and takeaway meals every week. Chinese, Indian and pizza are some of the most popular takeaway options in the UK. According to Money Service Advice, we spend an average of £7.60 every time we get a takeaway, and…

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Top tips to increase your Iron intake

Iron is an important mineral as it supports our growth and development and plays a vital role in producing healthy red blood cells. These are essential in transferring oxygen around the body. Iron also plays an important role in several other bodily functions including muscle function, supporting the immune system and in enzyme reactions. The…

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